Some pictures from the 45th Anniversary of Formula Vee
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Formula Vee

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Early FV History


Group 1 Monoposto started Saturday in a bit of fog
Eric Dean leads them out of the mist...

Fred Storer was there with his immaculate Formcar
(Not a bad ride to tow it with either <g>)


Charlie Wilson in his Formcar puts the move on John Fuchs's Kellison


Beau Gabel screams by John Gaither's Zink


The Ringwraith - the first of Harvey Templeton's
race cars - see the story boards below
created by Sandy Jackson
to see the full pdf versions
(Great job, Sandy!)

Still foggy for the last group of the morning
(the date in my camera is a day off - forgot to reset it for leap year)


By the afternoon sessions it had finally cleared up

  Harvey is arguably the most influential individual
in Formula Vee history.  His efforts to improve
the aerodynamics of his cars led us to
the cars of today.

His second car - the Shawdowfax (both names
from the Lord of the Rings series of books)
is the white one below - next to the Ringwraith
in Mike Jackson's paddock.  He now
owns both cars.  Below that is the story
board for it.


Dennis Andrade's weekend turned really sour early on when he hit his daughter's (Laura) car
when he was tagged from behind in Turn 1.  Fortunately, Dennis was fine (after a few drugs)
but his Vortech suffered substantial damage.


Mark Rothermel brought his new (to him) Caracal to the event and promptly
put it in the trees off Turn 8 in the first session when the steering box broke.
He was able to get it repaired (replaced) and completed the weekend from there.


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